About Me

I'm nothing if not emotional. A compassionate empath, idealist, and INFP Aquarian who feels all the feels all day long. I try to live, work and parent from a place of bravery, honesty, and kindness and I will always put myself in your shoes and run a mile in them before writing a word. 

In a society that so often seeks to silence us or cloud us with indifference and apathy, I like things beautiful, crystal clear, flipping your stomach and stoking a fire. I think that comes through in my copy. 

I'm a trained journalist (NCTJ) with a sharp eye for misplaced apostrophes, whilst also having experience in content management - most recently with a strategic eye, shaping content to meet objectives and strategy criteria. 

From blogs, annual reports, direct mail packs, and social media copy, to tone of voice documents and content style guides, press releases, and whitepapers - with a good brief I can deliver what you need and sometimes a little bit more.